Return and Refund

Return Policy

We offer simple return policies for our customers.

In any case, if the package received by the buyer is found to have a damaged seal or damaged seal, it should be reported to the customer in the first seven days after receipt of the package.

If you make a return or refund request within seven days of receiving the order, we will organize a reshipment and pick up the damaged item after checking the things; if you can return the item and get refunds returned to us, on our site. Refund and Returns requests will be accepted within seven days of the date you received the item.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes, you can cancel your order, but you cannot cancel an order by itself through our website. To cancel your order, you must send us a cancellation request. Then when you have received your order, you won’t be allowed to cancel your order; you must cancel the order before the transport process has been completed.

After you have cancelled the order and provided that it complies with the conditions and terms that are part of our cancellation procedure, you get a cancel bill from us.

How Do We Refund

We check whether they meet our cancellation policy rules when we receive a cancellation order. Then, we review the order amount and contact our logistics and delivery team to move forward with the delivery.

We don’t pay any refunds via drafts or cash if refunding is considered. We pay you back via your online account. So, the customer will need to provide their bank account numbers and the other information required to complete the transaction.

If you haven’t received the refund amount for any reason, you can contact our customer support to resolve the issue promptly.


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