Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

To protect the anonymity and privacy of our clients, we have clearly defined Privacy Policy for our website. When conducting online transactions, our primary goal is to ensure security for all users. Before ordering medication via our website, we encourage customers to review our privacy statement.

Remember that you have to agree to pay us when you make the final transaction.


It is best to not upload embedded information (EXIF GPS), when you upload photos. Any location information can be downloaded by visitors from any photos posted to the site.

Sign Up For Our Newsletter

Your email address is collect to send you our weekly newsletter. This will keep you informed about the latest medication brands and any new products you might be interested in. You don’t have to sign up for our newsletter. However, it will help you keep updated about the latest discounts and offers.

We will keep you informed about any information such as specials, medication deals, and the most recent releases. You will be notified when a drug becomes available in our stock. These email addresses will not be used to send unsolicited spam or unwanted emails.

Customers recommend checking their spam folder to make sure they have turned off suspicious emails from unknown sources. After each online transaction is completed, an email transmission will send you an electronic receipt for each purchase.

Other Websites’ Embedded Content

This site may contain embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). The embedded content of other websites works the same as if the user was on the site of the other.

Register for an account to be authenticate on the website. These websites can collect information about your browsing habits, set cookies and track your interactions with embedded content. If you interact with embedded content, third-party tracking might also be possible.

Who Can We Share Our Information With?

It was suggest that you include a request to reset your password in the email you receive.

What Length Of Time Will We Keep Your Data?

As suggested, metadata and comments are kept for a certain period. This allows us to review and approve future comments quickly, rather than keeping them in a waiting queue to be moderating.

Users can sign up for our site (if they have any), and we also store the personal data they provide in their profile. Users have the ability to view, edit, or delete their personal information at any time. However they cannot modify their login information. Administrators can also access and modify data.

Policy On Cancellations And Refunds

Online orders can cancelled. You must cancel your order within a certain time, regardless of where in the United States you reside.

Our managers will physically inspect the product, then replace it. Refunds are not available in cash. Instead, refunds can done online and credit directly to the customer’s bank account.

Modifications to our Privacy Policies: Medylazar reserves all rights to amend, modify or amend this policy at anytime. This policy can be modified at any time before you place an order.

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