A generic drug is a medication that is designed to be identical to an existing branded drug. They are similar in Dosages, strength, characteristics performance, quality, methods of application, and prescribed use. 

These medications are FDA approved so they perform the same functions as branded ones.

Generic medicines are cheap because of two main reasons.

Generic med makers do not have to carry the research and development programs differently.

The generic med market is widely competitive as compared to brand meds that’s why it is relatively cheaper.

According to FDA, generic medicines are equally impactful as brand name medicines because the active ingredient used in making brand ones are also used in generic meds that too in the same quantity.

Absolutely, these medicines are trusted ones because generic meds include the same active ingredient as non-generic, which has undergone all medical testing and quality inspection throughout their patent. They don’t have to put up with all those R&D costs.

Generic meds are better because they are comparatively cheap, easily available, and work efficiently. The bonus point is these meds are FDA-approved.

No. These drugs are not harmful at all, but you should look out for the ingredient that is allergic to you because trust us you do not want to get adverse effects while taking this medicine.

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