Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy permits customers to cancel their order if they meet certain requirements. We advise customers to go through our cancellation policy to make sure they are aware of the cancellation rules.

We will not require you to cancel any orders made with us because we have a excellent reputation for bringing customer satisfaction, however this might not be the case for your situation.

There are also times when there are external causes that make the customer with no choice but to end the order.

How Do I Cancel An Order Through Our Website?

The cancellation policy of our website is easy and you are able to easily cancel your order on the internet. If you are unable to do so, you may also call our helpline number to cancel your order. In both cases, you’ll need to provide an explanation for the cancellation.

How Can We Get Our Money Back For Cancellation Or Request For Cancellation?

In the first instance, when we receive any cancellation request, we determine whether they meet our cancellation policy rules. We then review the volume of orders and then call our logistic and delivery team to continue with the delivery.

In the event that the refunding process is viewed we will not make refunds in cash or by drafts. We pay you back via your online account. So, the customer will need provide their bank account numbers as well as the other details needed to process the payment.

You will also need to wait at least 7 working days starting from the date you make the cancellation online through our website until the time we can process your order.

What Are The Conditions That Prevent a Refund?

We do not under any circumstances refund the tax or the customs duty or other charges imposed from the state or federal government element of taxation laws in your state or country. You should note that you can’t not also make us responsible for this.

In What Situations Does The Cancellation Policy Function?

Once you’ve reviewed the above information that is crucial, let’s take a take a look at the scenarios that allow you to make a cancellation of your orders. What are the requirements to meet our guidelines.

Cancellation Due The Product Being Out Of Inventory

The order will be cancelled automatically at our side. It is one of the very few instances in which we’ll cancel your order in the event that the medications you purchased aren’t in our current inventory.

On our website we will attempt to honor your request by supplying any partial order if it is within our capability. The medication is in part available in our inventory.

Cancellation Of An Order Because Of Non-Receipt Payment

Should you fail to pay in full after placing the order, we must stop the order at any time. You will receive a temporary message when you’ve completed your order. Then, we’ll provide you with an email containing your complete invoice or bill, which will be the last confirmation invoice after having accepted all of your orders.

The consumer will go to the online portal and then pay the wired amount via the different options available online.

Cancellation Due To Delay In Order Delivery

Sometimes the customer might think that the time required to deliver the parcel is excessively long. May not be satisfied with our courier or logistics service delivery management.

Make sure you make a cancellation request anytime throughout the process. However, there are instances that we are unable to fully refund you and take any costs, such as customs duty, if your shipment was already at the customs center in your country.

Cancellation Due To Wrong Product Delivery

Naturally, we will be accountable if you receive the wrong brand or dosage of medicine other than the ones you ordered.

Make sure that you note that if you received your package and discover that an incorrect dosage or product was sent. You will have the maximum of seven days to reach us to request an order for cancellation or refund. Any requests received within 7 days of the delivery date is not considered.

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